Illinois Valley high school student facing year in jail following threat on social media

School ThreatIllinois Valley, Ore. — An Illinois Valley high school student is in a juvenile detention facility after allegedly making a threat on social media.

The Three Rivers School District says the threat involved a staff member.

The student’s father, Jimmy Evans, took to the “Cave Junction and the Illinois Valley” Facebook to write an apology:

A Necessary Apology: It’s a sad day in our household, and to be honest it would be easier to just hide away and ignore the bad decision of our son at Illinois Valley High School this afternoon.

But as parents we feel we owe our community an apology for his poor judgment.
As you may or may not know yet, our boy was cuffed and arrested for making serious threats at school earlier today on social media and is currently sitting in a Douglass County jail in Roseburg awaiting arraignment tomorrow.

Considering the terrible reality of recent events when it comes to violence on campus, this is no joking matter.

And if any good can come of this it’s our hope that any other student(s) contemplating acting dumb like this in the future, trying to get out of school for a day, or for any other reason might just want to think it through….

My son is facing a maximum sentence of 1 year in jail and a $10,000 fine for his actions, is suspended from school (and may be expelled) and that’s all before we get him back home.

That’s what happens in real life kids, so please learn a lesson… To the staff at I.V.
High, to all students, and law enforcement involved, we are sincerely sorry as parents.
We in no way want our community to feel fearful or under threat in any way and we lament the interruption of the education process for local youth.

We believe Andrew made a stupid choice out of anger, but joking or not, it’s unacceptable behavior. My hope is that he will learn from this experience, realize the gravity of the situation, man up after paying his debt to society, search his heart, and offer his own apology.

As his father, I believe he will. Again, our apologies to our community.

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