Trevor Walraven (January, 2017)

Josephine Co. man to be re-tried for murder after conviction, prison release

Grants Pass, Ore. — A Josephine County man was back in court on Friday, facing aggravated murder charges that he’s already been convicted of. Trevor Walraven and his brother Josh were convicted of killing Black Bar Lodge owner Bill Hull in 1998, when Walraven was just 14.

Walraven was originally tried as an adult and received a life sentence, or 30 years in prison. But in September of 2014, Judge Timothy Gerking said Walraven qualified for early release.

“His convictions for murder were overturned,” said Josephine County District Attorney Ryan Mulkins.

It’s a program that allows people convicted as minors to get out of jail after serving half their sentence. But now, he’s back in custody, facing the same charges in that case.

“Mr. Walraven is currently in the custody of the Josephine county jail,” Mulkins said. “And so now the case is back in a pre-trial posture.”

Hull’s son-in-law John James is supporting the retrial.

“He did the crime, and a jury found him guilty, the sentence was a stipulated sentence, and I think for me, that meant he should serve the time,” James said.

On Friday, Walraven appeared in Josephine County Court, for the first time in this new phase of his case. His attorneys said that Walraven wishes to plead guilty. A judge needs to be assigned to the case before any decisions can be made.

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