Medford-based video game company receives large grant from Epic Games

MEDFORD, Ore. — Attention southern Oregon gamers: A Medford-based video game development company recently received a large grant for a battle-strategy game it created.

SunSpear Games recently received a grant from Epic Games towards its PC and console-based game Immortal: Gates of Pyre.

“The team wanted to find a place to co-locate and build a company, so we all decided on the Rogue Valley area and moved up here around two and half years ago,” said SunSpear Games CEO, Kevin Wagner. The grant comes 6 months after applying to the Epic Games Mega Grants Program.

Wagner says the company had to send in a video of the game so Epic Games could assess its potential.

An image of a ‘Bone Stalker’ from ‘Immortal: Gates of Pyre’ Photo courtesy SunSpear Games

The 2-v-2 game is currently in its alpha phase, meaning only a certain amount of people are able to play at this time.

“We’ll have beta probably in about a year or so, 12-15 months, at that point we’ll open it up to a much larger crowd, a lot more people can play it, we’ll start monetizing the game – we’ll do a full launch about a year after that, which is where we add a lot of content and think it’s much more ready for the world, at that point.”

Wagner says it’s been in development since around 2019.

The Immortal world in the game is intended to be the size of a DC universe.

“What they told us [Epic Games] is that they saw something very unique, very interesting because we’re trying to build a game that’s different from other games out there right now. It’s a unique angle on strategy gaming,” he said.

Wagner says the grant money will help with expanding the company, as well as making improvements on content and the game world.

“Right now, we’re 36 people and we intend to have 85 people in the company, with a good portion here in the Rogue Valley. We love this place, we want to make it our home, we want to fit into the community very well and very respectfully,” said Wagner.

The game is expected to expand with new content over the next decade.

If you’re interested, you can learn more about the game by visiting

You can also check it out on the Discord server here.

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