New duplex units at the Crossings in Medford


MEDFORD, Ore. – The residents of Medford’s newest homeless community have fully moved into Rogue Retreat Crossings.

At the Crossings in Medford, they have three different types of living situations, most notably the Foldums.

They’re completely insulated, and they have AC units.

They’re intended for residents that are 30 days clean and sober, which they say is possible with the help of the staff.

Staff member, Alex Spray said,

“99% of our staff have lived experience. They look up to us, they come to us with questions or concerns, or just have somebody to hug and to support them. So, that’s really what we are here, is their family.”

Spray has been working with Rogue Retreat for three years.

She says she’s happy that the location is continuing to improve with housing options when residents meet specific goals.

The three they have are the Tents, then the Pallet shelters and the new Foldums.

Resident, Ken Clowers said,

“This is one of the ones with a table, chairs, they got chairs here and all this stuff folds down. And like they have a really comfortable mattress and stuff.”

Ken Clowers is one of the residents who moved into his Foldum unit.

He says he likes the space, privacy and freedom they have with the Foldums.

But most importantly, he says this time of year it keeps the cold out.

Clowers said,

“I like it. It’s comfortable. These things are really well insulated and stuff, they hold the heat in very well.”

But even for the individuals in the Tents, there are still ways to get warm at the Crossings.

Resident, Leonard Boyd explained

“We got the warming tent right here. You can come over here, people go in there to get warm. Like at night when it’s really cold, we can go in there and turn… either turn the heaters on or we can have it turned on.”

Leonard Boyd currently lives in a tent.

But he says he intends on graduating to the other units with the help of the Rogue Retreat staff and staying positive.

Boyd said,

“If you radiate positivity, positivity will come back to you. Don’t look down, look up and don’t look back, look forward. And don’t let the past bother you and hold you down. Try to be above it.”

Right now, electrical crews are finishing up on the units as more residents move in.

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