New generation of F-15 coming to Kingsley Field

Klamath Falls, Ore. – The future of Kingsley Field is now in sharper focus, and the latest generation of F-15 fighter will help to protect the economy of Klamath Falls.

Pilots for the new F-15 EX fighter jet will be training at Kingsley Field.

173rd Fighter Wing Commander Colonel Jeffrey Edwards says he’s excited.

“We’ve got a vibrant mission here for many years to come.”  Explains Edwards.  “It means we’ll be able to continue to provide jobs here, not only on the base, but within the community.”

The EX is a new plane, with numerous upgrades on an established design.

“From the spectrum of dogfighting, very close in visual maneuvering, all the way up to very high speed.”  Edwards noted of the F-15’s enduring style.  “You combine that with the capacity to carry a lot of fuel and weapons, it’s been a proven design.”

So, is the F-15 EX a ‘fifth generation’ fighter jet?

“It’s really a generation 4.5 type of airplane.”  Answers Colonel Edwards.  “It is not a stealth airplane, in the sense of the F-35, or F-22 – but it is a greatly improved variant of a fourth generation fighter.”

The transition from the existing ‘C’ and ‘D’ models at Kingsley Field is scheduled to begin in 2022.

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