NORAD uses technology to track Santa Claus

MEDFORD, Ore. – It’s Christmas Eve and as many of you know, Santa is making his trip around the world, right now.

And luckily there’s a way to find out exactly where he is.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command or NORAD has been tracking Mr. Claus since 1955.

NORAD Major General Greg Day said,

“A child accidentally called the operations center there and so an Air-Force Colonel answered the phone, and the child was hoping to talk to Santa. So, rather than disappoint the child, we started tracking Santa.”

NORAD’s Major General Greg Day, who lives in Grants Pass, is the man in charge of tracking Santa this year.

The technology used for aerospace and maritime warning and control, to defend North America, is also used to make sure Santa is getting to where he needs to be.

Major General Greg Day said,

“We’re keeping an eye out, we got multi- domain awareness, so that we can find him using radars and satellites and our own fighter jets.”

All you have to do to find out where Santa is, is to call the NORAD Tracks Santa Operations Center phone number on their website. 

Major General Day assures that they’re able to keep track of Santa with ease.

He said,

“When he’s ready to go, Rudolph’s nose lights up and it is so bright that our satellites, which are designed to detect infrared, the heat signature, pick it up from 22,300 miles away. Right? And it looks like a rocket launch to us, so it makes it easy to track Santa.”

Major General Day also says that Santa will drop off all gifts to the nice kids that believe in him, even if there’s no chimney, he finds a way.

He said,

“Santa, he usually delivers between like 9 p.m. and midnight on Christmas Eve, but he will not show up if you’re not asleep.”

NORAD says that tracking Santa is done through the help of volunteers.

They will be taking calls tonight until midnight.

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