OnTrack cuts ties with Dr. Rita Sullivan

Medford, Ore. — The OnTrack board has announced a split from the agency’s long time Director, Doctor Rita Sullivan.

Dr. Sullivan was put on administrative leave last Fall, pending an internal investigation. On Friday morning, staff learned in an email that she will not be coming back to the organization.

NBC5 news obtained a copy of that email. It was sent to notify workers Sullivan would be attending Friday’s Federal Reentry Court and Graduation.

A participant in the ceremony, who has worked with Sullivan, says the news is unexpected.

“It’s surprising to me,” said OnTrack participant Robert Leen. “She’s just been there for everybody in the halfway house and in the reentry program to really help them so they can progress out of prison and not make any mistakes to go back.”

The email also states the reason Sullivan is leaving will be further explained by the board sometime next week.

NBC5 news reached out to Board President Jim Maize for an interview. He declined, but in a partial statement says, “The board would very much like to sit down and talk with you about OnTrack and its plans for the future. We hope that we will be able to do that pretty soon.”

An investigator for OnTrack’s board has been looking into allegations that management interacted inappropriately with staff. And just this week, NBC5 broke the news that DHS investigators found serious safety risks to children and deplorable living conditions in the treatment and crisis housing programs.

They’ve since stopped all referrals to the Medford program.

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