Police Looking for Murder Suspect in a West Medford Neighborhood

Jumping fences.

Going door to door.

Police are combing a West Medford neighborhood searching for Jose Valencia-Gaona.

For resident Dan Dixon, it’s been a long couple days.

“They’ve searched my house, they’ve searched the house next door, they’re really looking out for people,” says Dixon.

Worried about his family.

I got my kids in the house and grandkids.

Sleep isn’t on his agenda right now.

Dixon says “about an hour and a half maybe in between.”

The murder suspect, Valencia-Gaona is believed to be living a few houses down from Dixon.

“I’ve seen him a couple times he lived down the street from us,” says Dixon.

Neighbors say the murder suspect, Valenica-Gaona has been living in a trailer next to a home.

Medford Police have the home staked out just in case he comes back.

Dixon says “they’ll eventually catch him, he’s only gonna run so far, for him to come back here seems strange to me. But stupid is as stupid does.”

Medford Police, Dixon and many other residents in what is a normally quiet neighborhood all want the same thing.

Dixon says “I’d like to get some sleep, catch him.

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