Search and Rescue

AKlamath Countyman is recovering tonight following a dramatic search in the Keno area. 44 year old John Eric Hartman was found by Troy Culver just before ten this morning…

“All of a sudden, I hear John snoring over there against a tree – I ran over there, and hollered at my wife to go get search and rescue – we got him out of there.”

Sergeant Randy Swan notes that Waltman went out looking for his dog in the Cedar Trails area south of Keno at around 10:30 Wednesday night.

“He had some disabilities, and he had not come home.”

Search and rescue crews were called in around midnight. Deputy Brian Bryson notes that rescue efforts were hampered by snow…

“Yeah, it snowed all night, we probably got three to four inches of snow.”

A tearful Culver noted that Waltman was happy to be found…

“I managed to get him to answer me back, and he said, ‘Thank God you’re here.’ And then he put my coat on, and my jacket, and my hat – I kept him as warm as I could. He’s been in and out of consciousness, and everybody came up here and we got him out.”

“He had some distress – medical was on scene, and part of our crew – and they transported him to the Keno Fire Department.” Noted Deputy Bryson.

Waltman was taken to Sky Lakes Medical Center, where he’s listed in ‘serious’ condition.

Ruby the dog is still missing, she’s described as a black lab mix. If you should find her, please give the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office a call.

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