Mom of missing Texas man believed to be in southern Oregon, pleads for answers

PROSPECT, Ore — The Sheriff’s Office continues to search areas near Prospect, for a man who was reported missing out of San Antonio on June 7th.

The same day the missing person’s report was filed, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office says it identified an abandoned motorcycle – belonging to 35-year-old Kirk E. Jones. Sheriff’s began their search after finding Jones’ name in the national missing persons database (NAMUS).

According to NAMUS, “Kirk’s apartment is in good order. His motorcycle and custom helmet are gone as were his wallet and cell phone. It appears that he went somewhere on the motorcycle. Police have no accident reports.”


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Kellie Stancliff, the mother of Jones, told NBC5 that he visits her home every weekend for family game night. She continued to call him days before they were supposed to meet on Sunday, June 6th, but he never answered. The family later went to his apartment and knew it was unusual he was not there.

San Antonio Police shared a, “Be on the Lookout” bulletin that same day but did not have any leads.

“Because there was no significant indication of foul play, [San Antonio Police] were unable to do any kind of searching,” said Stancliff.

Jones’ motorcycle is a black 2017 Yamaha. Stancliff says the local dealership in San Antonio was unable to track the GPS locator and thinks he may have removed it. San Antonio Police and Jackson County Search and Rescue have also been unsuccessful at pinging his phone.

Stancliff says the only reason she believes Jones is on the West Coast, is because of his love for the TV series, BattleBots.

“He made a bunch of friends out there at the time, so we were hoping he was on his way to visit somebody,” Stancliff said. “If anybody was on any kind of online gaming also, where they got a friend coming from Texas, please call the Sheriff’s Office.

 “I understand if he doesn’t want to be found, I don’t know why and that’s fine, but at least let us know you’re alive. That’s what we’re looking for. We really would like to know that he’s still alive.” 

Anyone with information on Jones’ whereabouts is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office. Their non-emergency dispatch number is 541-776-7206.

Description of Jones via Jackson County Sheriff’s Office: Kirk E. Jones, 35, has black hair with a widow’s peak, and a scar over his right eyebrow and chin. He has a slim build, standing 6’3″ and weighing approx. 210 lbs. He was last seen wearing a red t-shirt, black motorcycle jacket, and jeans. Kirk was riding a black 2017 Yamaha motorcycle and has a custom helmet with a green octopus design.

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