Suspect in Gold Hill arrested and extradited in cold murder case

MEDFORD, Ore. – A suspect living in Gold Hill was arrested last week, in connection to a cold case murder.

Fred Cain III is facing murder, kidnapping and sodomy charges in a Vallejo, California case dating back to 1987.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office helped arrest and extradite 69- year-old Cain, who prosecutors say is linked to the death of six-year-old, Jeremy Stoner.

In 1987, Jeremy was abducted near his family’s Vallejo home.

His body was found days later, on Sherman Island which is about an hour away from Vallejo.

A cold case unit was able to link Cain to the case by a DNA match, something the Solano County District Attorney says is an asset to investigations.

Solano County DA Krishna Abrams said, “I feel that DNA is such a powerful tool in these cases and it’s such an important tool, because it can not only solve crimes, like we believe is solving this one but can also exonerate somebody who is innocent.”

For years, Vallejo police suspected Shawn Melton of the child’s murder, because they claimed he had special knowledge on the case.

But it was never conclusive, and a judge eventually dismissed the case.

Abrams said, “it’s unfortunate that Mr. Melton was tried for a case… for a crime that he did not commit and that he died without being able to be here to know that he is exonerated.”

Cain is now back in Solano County custody.

His niece, Cris Delaney says she feels no pity toward her uncle.

Cain has a record of doing time for sodomy, rape by threat and burglary.

She said, “my reaction was ‘oh my gosh’ and felt horrible for this child but thankful that he’s going to get caught and hopefully put away for a long time.”

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office says they were happy to help Solano County police but were unavailable for an interview.

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