Taylor Sentenced to Life

Convicted sex offender Richard Lee Taylor was sentenced today to life in prison without the possibility of parole for sexually abusing two 12-year old Medford boys.

As NBC-5’s Craig Smullin reports… Taylor showed no remorse in court today… even as his victim’s family members addressed him and Judge Tim Barnack ripped him to shreds.

‘I hope you rot in prison.’

Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Tim Barnack not mincing words with Richard Lee Taylor… convicted last October of 21-counts of child sex abuse.

‘Mr. Taylor… (snap, snap, snap)… I’m talking to you.’

Taylor, who had two previous child sex abuse related convictions, videotaped himself violating two 12-year old boys in late 2009… a video both judge and jury viewed in court.

‘It was so offensive and so wrong… it’s almost when I look at you I don’t think you have a soul.’

Taylor repeatedly declined opportunities to speak… both to Judge Barnack and the families of his victims.

One of the boys mothers wrote a letter read in court by the prosecutor.

‘This situation has changed him, he’s no longer the sweet loving boy that I once had… he has a hard heart and is a very angry person.’

Judge Barnack then surprised no one by granting the prosecutors wishes and sentencing Taylor on each of the 21 counts… to life in prison without the possibility of parole or early release… a fact one of the boys fathers welcomed..

‘Today starts the healing, and I want to thank you for that… it’s good for my son and for my family.’

Judge Barnack ended the sentencing by telling the victims and their families–they are heroes for taking this predator off the street.

I see courage, I see power I see you guys aren’t going to let this piece of **** win, because that’s what you are.

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