Two People Arrested in MacCallum Murder Case

Two people are behind bars, accused of murdering 34-year-old Christopher MacCallum. One of the suspects: His wife.

The Medford man was a driver for Checker Cab and family members say also worked at FTD in Medford. He’s the second cabbie killed in recent weeks.

While the arrests bring closure to Chris’ friends, family members of Tricia — Chris’ wife — are claiming her innocence.


That’s exactly how those that knew 34-year-old Christopher MacCallum feel tonight.

“Her arrest last night put me in shock and overwhelmed me with emotion.”

MacCallum’s wife Tricia, and her step-sister Amber Lubbers, both arrested Friday night for what authorities are calling the pre-meditated murder of Chris MacCallum.

“We got a call from Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office, they had some detectives in Medford looking for two murder suspects. We set up surveillance on 2 different locations and checked a total of 4 locations and helped them located the two suspects in their case.”

The Medford man’s body was found nearly three weeks ago at the bottom of a steep cliff, deep in the Applegate recreation area, near Applegate creek and the California-Oregon border.

According to an autopsy, he had been shot.

Officials have been searching for clues leading to an arrest, and according to the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office

“These arrests resulted from an exhaustive and extensive criminal investigative effort.”

Tricia’s family however, doesn’t buy that she would murder her husband, claiming the arrest is suspicious on the detective’s side.

“They appear to be using some scare tactics and threatening everything they can think of, from CPS taking their kids and they might make her sign stuff that isn’t even true…”

But Chris’ friends says the arrests are justice. The family hearing about Lubber and Tricia MacCallum the same day as another memorial service was held for Chris.

“It was good closure for the funeral, for people to be arrested the night before.”

MacCallum and Lubbers are tonight in the Jackson County Jail waiting to be taken to Siskiyou County where they will be formally charged with murder.

Maccalum’s two children, eight year old Eric and three-year-old Cora, will be watched by Tricia’s sister — who was granted temporary custody Friday night.

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