Mosquitoes may come out during eclipse

Medford, Ore. – Oregonians and tourists have a few items to check off their lists ahead of the upcoming solar eclipse.

Along with eclipse glasses, a full tank of gas and extra supplies, a scientific study indicates mosquito repellent may need to be added to the list.

During a total eclipse, the sky darkens and air temperatures drop, according to NASA.

Literature indicates most animals react to the solar eclipse by exhibiting night time behaviors.

That means daytime birds may return to their roosts, dairy cattle could stop grazing and mosquitoes might start biting.

A National Geographic article quotes veteran eclipse-chaser Peter den Hartog he remembers bats appearing during the eclipse due to “the light intensity, or the flies and mosquitoes that came out…”

So when you head out the door on August 21, 2017, it might be a good idea to pack some mosquito repellent.

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