N. California D.A. shares statement from victim of elder abuse

Redding, Calif. – The Shasta County District Attorney’s Office is sharing a statement made by a victim of elder abuse in recognition of Elder Abuse Awareness Month.

The month offers a time to talk about identifying and responding to elder abuse and exploitation.

According to the D.A.’s Office, the statement was read by an elderly victim in Shasta County Superior Court on Thursday, June 8.

It details the plight of a mother and her allegedly drug-addicted son, who she implores to “stop wasting his life” during his sentencing.

The unedited statement–which includes typographical errors and redactions–was provided without case background as follows:

June 8, 2017

Thank you Honorable [redacted] for giving me this opportunity to speak this morning.

I would like to address the parents of a drug and alcohol addicted child, and the havoc it creates within the family structure.

As parents, we love our children and try to help them in everyway we can overcome this addiction, with the hope that this time they would succeed.

As the years go on we find that drugs, and their friends who do drugs take over every aspect of their lives and yours as well. Christmas means nothing, Mother and Fathers Day and even your Birthday means nothing, if they know when your Birthday is.

Family gatherings are tainted by their drug use, as they humiliate you in everyway possible. You are bullied and belittled because in their minds, you are to blame for everything bad that has happened in their life.

They hound you for money, even if you don’t give it to them, they steal it, or make up lies to get it. You come to a point in your life when you know almost everything they say is a lie. Finally, you are so completely worn out and worried, that all you can think of is the very real possibility that they are going to kill someone themselves drunk, drug driving.

My Son was so completely out of control, that I feared for my life. I did not know or want the person he had brought into my home, she stole from me when I was attending my Husband’s Funeral.

I knew [redacted] was having trouble dealing with his Father’s death, everyone deals with death differently. Not once did he hug me or comfort me.

Drinking and doing drugs could not stop that [redacted] was gone, after a year of illness. I could not do anything to stop the pain that my Husband was suffering. He never complained. [redacted] was an exceptional man. He was always concerned about [redacted] as ill as he was.

His wish was for [redacted] to get clean, and wanted to thru a Trust fund to provide his basic needs, with kindness and consideration. He told me if he ever inherited the house, and whatever monies were left, he would spend it all on drugs, and kill himself.

Over the years, we have seen this happen many time.

If [redacted] would go into treatment, and leave the drug life behind, he would stop wasting his life, and start enjoying living. I ask [redacted] today, to honor his Father, to do this not only for his Father, but for himself.

I want to Thank all the fine friends who rushed in to help me during this family crisis. Also One Safe Place, the Police Dept., the District Attorney, Inspector boon, and everyone who worked in the background to help us.

I love you very much [redacted], and pray for your success.



If you think you see elder abuse, financial or otherwise, you’re encouraged to report it. Contact adult protective services or you long-term care ombudsman’s office.

If someone you know is in immediate danger, call 911.

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