New life for old Klamath Falls Police station

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – The former Klamath Falls Police station and jail are undergoing a major renovation.

Owner Mike Angeli is passionate about the old police station. He said, “It harkens back to my law enforcement experience, and I can honor law enforcement with the memorials, and the museum that I’m putting in here.”

Angeli plans to name the building in memory of fellow Riverside Police Officer Eric Thach. “He was shot and killed in a homicide investigation back in 1999,” Angeli explained.

The old jail upstairs will serve as a “grand hall,” while another room serves as a factory for natural soaps. A former detective area will serve as a youth hostel for visitors.

There will also be an outlet for Angeli’s business, “The Ledge.” He said, “We will have our kayak, canoe, and paddleboard rentals based out of here since we’re one block away from the lake.”

According to Agneli, the renovation will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but he believes the result will be worth it. “It’s kind of like a little pet project that I’ve always wished for, and I have the ability to do now,” he said.

Angeli purchased the old police station from the city in 2016 for a $1,000 bid.

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