Nuisance homes in Medford

Medford, Ore., — Vacant for years and simply not selling, numerous so-called nuisance homes in Medford are just sitting..

“It’s unsettling, I wish a family could buy it and move in”

Natalie Kelm lives next to one of at least 11 foreclosed houses in Medford now deemed nuisance homes by the city, so does Adam Dyer, and they both are sick of these homes staying empty.

“Would be good if somebody came and took care of it, instead of it being boarded up the whole time.”

They both say transients are coming in and taking the homes for themselves.

“I see people walking back there, the lock gets broken on the garage door all the time, and I’ve been in there and seen evidence of people sleeping there.”

The City of Medford says they are trying to change that.

“Our effort is to work with the banks to get them fixed up and not vacant anymore.”

Medford pro-tem City Manager Alison Chan says the city council is trying to adopt new coding that would move these homes, but says after a recent city council meeting the banks wanted the wording changed.

“I know it’s frustrating for the neighbors, but it’s a process we’re going through and it’s not a speedy process.”

And realtor Michael Masters says the properties are difficult to sell.

“Sometimes the home has so much disrepair that they’re selling it for the land value minus the demolition costs… they’re full of asbestos, lead all kinds of things.”

For now, Masters and other realtors are fielding the concerns of residents living near these shuttered homes.

“I got a call yesterday from somebody saying the vagrants were selling off the heating/oil tank and they didn’t own the property!”

Chan did say that the number of these homes have dropped in recent years from 32 now to 11… so hopefully these ones will be gone soon as well.

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