Oregon’s COVID-19 ‘state of emergency’ declaration ends April 1

SALEM, Ore. – As COVID-19 hospitalizations drop, Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced she’ll lift the state’s emergency declaration, effective April 1.

Since the end of June 2021, the emergency declaration provided resources to fuel the state’s COVID-19 response and recovery efforts.

Governor Brown said lifting the declaration doesn’t mean the pandemic is over. “But, as we have shown through the Delta and Omicron surges, as we learn to live with this virus, and with so many Oregonians protected by safe and effective vaccines, we can now protect ourselves, our friends, and our families without invoking the extraordinary emergency authorities that were necessary at the beginning of the pandemic,” Brown said.

Federal safety requirements will remain in place regarding masks, vaccinations for K-12 educators and staff, and vaccinations for healthcare workers who rely on the state of the emergency declaration.

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