Over $100 million-worth of illegal marijuana seized in Klamath Falls, police say

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – Firefighters are being credited for finding a large marijuana processing facility in Klamath Falls.

They were out on a call for smoke coming from a building in the 4000 block of Highway 39 when they called law enforcement.

Police say the facility was approximately 27,000 square feet with over $100 million of partially and unprocessed marijuana.

The sheriff there says he’s never seen something like this before.

Police believe this facility processed for many illegal grows in the area.

In the process of seizing and destroying the marijuana, investigators say they were led to two other properties where thousands of additional pounds of processed and drying product were destroyed.

Sheriff Chris Kaber said, “We believe we’ve disrupted the operations of this group of organized criminals in a very significant way. Beyond the illegal nature of these facilities, this also represents many millions of gallons of water used for this illegal activity at a time of extreme drought when many people don’t have water for even basic necessities. I will be asking the District Attorney to pursue forfeiture of the property on Highway 39 as well as stepping up forfeiture action of future sites to discourage this activity. People need to understand that they are ultimately responsible for what happens on their property, even if they rent or lease it to other people who use it illegally.”

No word on any arrests.

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