Commissioners hear testimony on dogs that mauled girl

Klamath Falls, Ore. – Klamath County Commissioners are considering testimony in the case of 4 dogs that attacked and seriously injured a 10 year old girl.

No one doubts that Alyssa Stevens was seriously mauled on the evening of June first.

But there are questions as to why she was in the kennel.

“Why is this little girl in closure of my back yard?”  Testified dog owner Vincent Berry.  “That’s closed with electrical fence?  No idea, I’m overwhelmed.  No idea how did she get in there, I never gave her access to it.”

Darryn Stevens says his daughter had been asked to care for the dogs while the owner was out of town.

“Mister Berry specifically asked Alyssa to look after the dogs.”  Stated Mary Liz Bunch, on behalf of Darryn Stevens.  “And you would see that in exhibit one, the texts.”

Neighbor Danielle Kilgore offered an explanation that she says came from Alyssa.  “She said the reason why she was in the yard was that Sheba got out, and she was simply taking her back – and as soon as she opened the gate to put her back in, the big dog jumped on her.”

The commissioners did not make a decision Wednesday afternoon.

“I want to think about this tonight, and come back since we have time tomorrow at 2 o’clock.”  Said Commissioner Donnie Boyd.  “I just don’t want to make any snap judgments.”

Alyssa Stevens is continuing to recover from her injuries.

She did not appear at Wednesday’s hearing.

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