Klamath Falls wood burning advisories

Klamath Falls, Ore. – Smoke from summer wildfires has cleared, but people in Klamath Falls are now bracing for smoke from a different source.

Outside of the summer months, wood stoves are blamed for 74% of poor air quality in the Klamath Basin.

To help ease the smoke hazard, Klamath County issues daily ‘green’, ‘yellow’, and ‘red’ burning advisories in the fall and winter.

It’s okay to burn on a ‘green’ day.

“When you see a ‘yellow’ day, you want to be much more cautious about what we’re burning, especially within the air quality zone.”  Explains Valeree Lane of Klamath County Public Health.  “And a ‘red’ day, we’re asking you not to burn.”

Exemption forms to allow burning on red days must be turned in by November 1st.

“Most individuals who would apply for an exemption have had one in the past.”  Notes Lane.  “And if they’re unclear on what the specifications are on that, certainly give us a call.”

You’ll find current advisories online – several schools also fly red, yellow, or green advisory flags.

An air quality reader board at the Klamath County Fairgrounds is currently being upgraded, and should be up in about 2 weeks.

Klamath County Public Health has announced that a two week open burn period for yard debris will begin October 27th.

Those wishing to burn debris will still need to check air quality advisories:   www.klamathair.org

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