Storms strand salmon

NC_trappedsalmon1112_700x394Mason County, Wash. — (KING) After days of rain, schools of chum salmon are trapped along a roadside ditch in Mason County, Washington.

“Several of the salmon had actually log-jammed right up here,” Bob Ames said. “I was very surprised to see salmon on this side of the road.”

Ames noticed splashing while driving by. He couldn’t believe the splashing in the ditch came from dozens of fish trying to spawn.

They’re coming from Purdy Creek and the Skokomish River. Most think they’re headed back to a nearby hatchery, but the culvert tricks them and they get lost, disoriented and eventually die.

The ditch floods with heavy rains and surface water run-off. Then, it dries up quickly and strands the fish.

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