Social media firestorm for local business

Central Point, Ore.- In the 20 years Zach Woody has owned Dash Delivery Inc. in Central Point he’s never received so much backlash from the internet than he has in the last 48 hours.

“Just a few minutes a go I got a profane email,” Woody said.

It all started Monday, when a twitter user tweeted that her father was being turned down for a job because he didn’t speak English. The email was signed by an employee with the company name Dash Delivery LLC.

It didn’t take long for people to react to the tweet. The only problem, their anger was directed at a company almost 475 miles away. The names are almost identical, but the two have no affiliation.

Zach’s best efforts to clarify the mix-up quickly, didn’t stop more than five dozen people from sending hateful messages.

“In such a short amount of time and to be so aggressive and to be cussed out and called a racist, it’s not something I ever want to repeat,” he said.

The individual who sent the original tweet attempted to clear it up once she learned of the confusion, but Zach still had to take steps to protect his businesses reputation.

“We had to change our web page, our Facebook page, our Yelp page, we had to change them all to have a big banner that said please don’t send us hate,” Woody said.

Woody says since the clarification was made on twitter, the messages and phone calls have slowed down. And according to the twitter user, Dash Delivery in Washington has fired the person who responded poorly to her father.

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