SOU hires new vice president of finance and administration

Ashland, Or.- The Southern Oregon University will see a fresh face come Dec. 18. Greg Perkinson, a program manager with Boeing will take over as the new vice president of finance and administration at SOU.

“I really like the idea at this point in my life of transiting from supporting the department of defense to supporting higher education,” he said.

He will replace the current vice president Craig Morris and manage seven departments, three of which are business related.

One project he’ll oversee strengthening the university’s risk management program.

“I’ll continue to implement the actions that have already been initiated,” Perkinson said.

This, after the university suffered a scam in June costing the school around $1.9 million.

“I think safety is a fundamental concern,” said he.

He’ll also help with training and policy making.

“What will be important for me to do is establishing and maintaining a dialogue where I ensure that I am being transparent telling the students what the current state of play is and what we are doing moving forward,” Perkinson said.

He’ll work with a $110 million budget for 2018.

“One of the things that I think helps mitigate fear and enable people to feel comfortable is to see that people are being authentic and that they are being real,” he said.

So far the university has recovered $610,000 from the scam. It’s hoping to receive additional reimbursement through its criminal investigation and insurance.

NBC5 News reporter Karen Tang graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in communications and a master’s in journalism.

Before coming to Medford, Karen was an intern at WUSA9 and NBC News Channel in Washington D.C.

During her time in Maryland, Karen was an NCAA Division I student-athlete on the Maryland gymnastics team. She competed against Big Ten universities and made the Big Ten All-Championship team.

When Karen isn’t reporting, she’s at the gym working out, taking pictures with her dog Boomer and searching for the best food in Southern Oregon.

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