Question of the Day: Week of 4/22

Monday 4/22:

Q: 10% of people claim they do this every single day. What is it?

A: Vacuum

Tuesday 4/23:

Q: At least 33% of adults have been late to work because they did this. What is it?

A: Drove back home to get their cellphone

Wednesday 4/24:

Q: This is the number one lie parents hear from their kids. What is it?

A: I’ve brushed my teeth.

Thursday 4/25:

Q: 71% of Americans say this about their commute to work. What is it?

A: It’s peaceful

Friday 4/26

Q: A recent survey found 2 in 3 people have regretted doing this at work. What is it?

A: Using the vending machine

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