Tennessee flood survivors search for loved ones

WAVERLY, Tenn. (WTVF/CNN) – As the water recedes and the sun shines, Blackhawks have been searching for bodies in the rubble left behind by flooding in Tennessee.

Maggie Moran said the community is devastated. “There’s so many people missing right now and it’s hard to have hope.” Her sister’s 15-year-old friend is one of them.

In thick brush, volunteers looked for survivors.

Moran said, “There’s so much stuff we can’t even look through to find her, and then when they have someone sent to the hospital, there’s hope that it’s her, and then we go there and they get let down that it’s not her.”

Several children were swept away on East Brookside where homes back up to Trace Creek.

Twin babies, Ryan and Rieligh, were ripped from their father’s arms their bodies later recovered.

A bicycle at one home is tangled around a pole.

Mario Crim said they barely escaped his business. “You know a lot of people would say why? I don’t understand,” he said. “It was rising about a foot every 30 seconds.”

Dozens of homes will likely be condemned but for now, crews continue searching for people who are missing.

Moran said, “There’s so many people out looking and you just keep finding more people just laying there, and there’s nothing we can do.”

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