Test scores up for Medford Schools

09-08-testsMedford, Ore. — The scores are for the Medford School District, and they look promising.

The smarter balance tests are given to all students grades three through eleven. The superintendent for Medford School District challenged teachers to get above state-average test scores and succeeded.

Scores saw approximately a 4.9% gain from last year in language arts. The superintendent of the district said this is
reaffirming the quality of education for Medford.

“It’s certainly affirming that we’ve got the right things going on. we have a lot of great teachers and great principals doing this work. student achievement improvement happens when teachers collaborate,” said Brian Shumate, MPS Superintendent.

The work doesn’t end there. Shumate said teachers are continuing to work to help students in weaker subjects, like math, to prepare for next spring’s testing.

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