Tornado destroys barns near Lebanon

Lacomb, Ore. (KPTV) – An Oregon community about 80 miles south of Portland is cleaning up debris after a tornado destroyed two barns.

No one was hurt. People who saw the tornado say it happened fast, and was extremely violent.

It happened right before 1:30 today.

At the scene, debris was everywhere.

Pat Hulbert saw it happen. He said, “It came from here. Touched the ground and went all the way up to the hills over there and then knocked a few trees over there. It was swirling and swirling. There was debris in it and everywhere.”

The National Weather Service confirmed Tuesday night it was indeed an EF-0 tornado–something people say they knew as soon as they saw it.

“The closer it got I realized that’s a tornado. It’s coming right for me,” Hulbert said. “It was that whole skyline filled up. It was big.”

Witnesses said Spencer’s Dairy Farm was in its path.

Two of its barns were destroyed.

Aerial footage showed just how far the debris spread–about three quarters of a mile.

Witness Ruben Doorneval said, “There was a 15-foot 2 by 6 stuck into the front yard this far into the dirt.”

Doorneval has livestock on the property. He said thankfully they’re all okay but he does have some unanswered questions.

“We don’t know for sure but we found one cow over there where she wasn’t supposed to be. We called her Dorothy because maybe she got lifted and moved but that’s just speculation.”

We’re also told no people were hurt and no nearby homes were damaged.

Hulbert said, “It just came and went you know it came as fast as it went.”

The community of Lacomb was left in a state of shock, but they’re coming together to help their neighbor and pick up the pieces.

Hulbert said, “It was just devastating to the dairy.”

Powerlines and tree branches were also down in the area, but again no one was hurt and no livestock was hurt.

Also, there are eight homes in the area. They also had no damage.

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