U.N. Rights Office speaks about Capitol riots

GENEVA, Switzerland (NBC) – The United Nations Rights Office said President Trump should disavow the “very dangerous” language he and other political leaders are using regarding the outcome of the November 2020 presidential election and in describing what happened at the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. this week.

Ravina Shamdasani with the U.N. Human Rights Office said, “We are deeply troubled by the incitement to violence and hatred by political leaders and we are calling on the President of the United States and other political leaders to stop, to disavow, openly disavow, the false and the dangerous narratives that are being spread, including by casting dispersions on the electoral process in the U.S. and including, you know, spreading disinformation about allegations of electoral fraud and vote-rigging. This kind of inciteful language can be very dangerous, as we have seen in the events of Wednesday at the U.S. State Capitol.”

The U.N human rights chief is calling for a thorough investigation into the events in Washington which left five people dead.

Along with expressing concerns that the symbols of “white supremacy” outside the Capitol such as the Confederate flag, anti-Semitic symbols, and a noose.

Shamdasani said, “We are concerned that some of the protesters were clearly displaying symbols of racial and ethnic hatred and white supremacy, including the Confederate flag, clothes displaying anti-Semitic logos and a noose erected from across the Capitol. We condemn this display of overtly racist symbols and we call on all political leaders to also condemn the use of such overtly racist symbols.”

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