Post-debate politics

NC_lv50rweb_700x394Washington, D.C.– After Tuesday’s debate, three Republicans are emerging as top candidates.

Two are out campaigning today while the frontrunner hits the airwaves.

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are topping Republican polls right now. Trump’s now trying to.

Donald Trump on late night taking another jab at Jeb Bush. “Do you think he would kill baby Hitler?” asked the late night host Jimmy Kimmel

“No, he’s too nice,” said Donald Trump, (R) Presidential Candidate.

“Would you kill baby Hitler?” asked Kimmel.

“No comment,” answered Trump.

After promising not to leave the party, now Trump’s calling for unity. “I would like to see the Republican Party come together,”said Trump.

Trump’s leading most polls, just ahead of Ted Cruz, who’s in Minnesota today, and again not going negative on trump. “I’m glad Donald is running. I don’t believe he’s gonna be the nominee, but I do think Donald has energized and excited a whole lot of people,” said Ted Cruz, (R) Presidential Candidate.

Cruz is defending against attacks from Marco Rubio on immigration and military cuts. “It’s easy to stand up and say “I will destroy ISIS, I will make the sands in the Middle East glow in the dark,” well that’s fine, but you have to have something to do that with.” Marco Rubio, (R) Presidential Candidate

Rubio has two events in Iowa today.

Rubio’s trying to capitalize on his momentum. Polls are averaging him just half a point ahead of Ben Carson.

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