A Canadair CL-415 in service of Italy's institutional agency for fire and rescue service.

Water bombers skim Lost Creek Lake

A Canadair CL-415 in service of Italy’s institutional agency for fire and rescue service.

Lost Creek Lake, Ore. – In under 16-seconds, 1,600 gallons of water is scooped from Lost Creek Lake, bound for a fire burning near Crater Lake.

The feat is made possible due to a highly specialized aircraft known by most as the “Superscooper,” according the South Central Oregon Fire Management Partnership, or SCOFMP.

The Canadair CL-415 went into service in 1995. Of the 95 produced, most are still working,

At times, four scoopers were skimming Lost Creek Lake to gather water that was later dropped on the High Cascade Complex.

SCOFMP said the amphibious water bombers drop water on the hot edges of the fires, allowing crews to attack flames that would normally be too dangerous to tackle head-on.

The scoopers need a body of water that’s at least a mile long with a minimum depth of six feet – they also require recreational boaters to steer clear.

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