Winter storm slams southeast

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (NBC) – It continues to be a rough go for millions across the southeast—pounded by a massive winter storm, dumping more than a foot of snow and ice across an area not used to dealing with the extreme conditions.

The Carolinas experienced rain, snow, and sleet Monday morning, creating a mess in Charlotte and across much of the Southeast. Battered—and in some cases buried—by snow and ice.

Millions across the Southeast are dealing with the effects of a monster winter storm.

“Everything has really come to a standstill,” said Greensboro, North Carolina Mayor Nancy Vaughn.

From Texas through Virginia, communities have been shut down by the severe—at times white-out—conditions.

“Around here we get some snow every year,” Greensboro resident Sally Kinka said. “This is a big one. This is a big one in anyone’s mind.” And a bad one, trees and power lines snapping under the weight of the snow and ice. Hundreds of thousands are without electricity.

It’s also a tough go for those trying to get around the storm, with drivers stuck or stranded across the region, so are those trying to take a plane.

More than 10,000 flights have been canceled or delayed by a storm that continues to be “a mean one.” Unless of course, you have skis or a sled.

Most of the precipitation is expected to end at some point today. But across the region freezing temperatures will remain, which means the effects of the storm will continue for the next several days.

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