Week 10: Old wooden box refurbish

“What can you do with an old wood box?”

Whenever I look at something, I try to think of what it could be.  This old wood box was headed for the recycle bin when I would it.  It was water stained, had a warped lid, oil and dirt inside and in pretty rough shape. I picked it up and instantly here in my head the voice of a remodeler from a TV show that I used to watch “Why would you throw that away!?!”

This was a simple project that turned out great and can be used in so many different ways.

  1. Check all nails or screw for tightness and loose boards.  Add wood glue and clamp if needed.
  2. Sand rough edges, dust off loose material as you go.
  3. Primer the interior and exterior. Let dry
  4. Paint Interior and exterior.  I used a Semi-gloss paint.  It will be easier to clean later.
  5. On one flat side of the box, I painted it with chalkboard paint. Planning ahead so if it sits on a shelf it can be labled with chalk.
  6. Decorate as you like.
  7. Add hanging hardware to 2 sides to be able to hang on a wall.

This can be set on a shelf, used to carry in a garden, hung on a wall to be used as a shelf, or even scooted under a bed to hold toys.  Great project for kids to work on.

Beginner project

Supplies needed-

Wood box
Paint brush
Sand paper 150 grit
Chalk paint
Picture hanging hardware
Hammer or screwdriver
Wood glue

Happy Upcycling!

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