Week 18: Bedspring Trellis

This old spring bed frame has been staring at me for days!  I just knew I had to do something with it.  I have been researching Pinterest like crazy!  There are so many ideas of what to do with an old crib spring or even a trundle bed spring.

The first project I decided to do was a fairly simple one.  I will be using the spring and frame as a trellis for my grapes.   Hopefully by putting them on the spring they will quit growing into my almond tree.  There are quite a few other projects that I have found to create with spring frames.  I cannot wait to get another donated to make a light fixture for the patio with Edison lights.

Beginner project
Time 2 hours

Supplies –

Spring frame from crib or trundle bed
2 metal stakes or wooden stakes at least 5 ft long
Rustoleum outdoor spray paint in your choice of color.
Garden ties to tie up longer pieces of plant
Wire to tie framework to stakes


  1. Lightly sand framework to remove any dust or residue
  2. Use outdoor spray paint and coat all areas that will be out in the weather
  3. Allow to dry completely
  4. While drying, you can now measure the width of your spring frame.
  5. Dig 2 holes for your stakes at least 18 inches down.
  6. Place stakes in holes but do not fill with dirt.
  7. Place spring frame up to stakes and adjust the width of the stakes to where you want to attach them to the frame
  8. Use wire ties to hold the stakes to the frame.
  9. Use level to verify stakes and frame level
  10. Fill holes with dirt.
  11. Use plant ties to hold all plant stalks onto frame.  Tie loosely as to not cut into the stalk of the plant.

Happy Upcycling!  See you at the Rogue Valley Habitat Restore for all of your Upcycle adventures.

Recycle Repurpose Manager
Rogue Valley Habitat for Humanity

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