Conservatives Flock to twitter alternative ‘Parler’

WASHINGTON, D.C. (CNN) – President Trump and Twitter have a love-hate relationship these days. The social media company allows him to side-step the mainstream media but Twitter is now labeling questionable tweets and the president is not immune to that policy. That has Trump looking for another way to get out his message.

Never heard of Parler? Team Trump is pushing the social media app as a new center for Conservative conversation with big-name Republicans signing up fast, as the president’s campaign manager tweets: “Hey @twitter. Your days are numbered.”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said, “Big tech is out of control, filled with hubris and flagrantly silencing those with whom they disagree.”

Going into the 2016 election, Trump was a huge fan of big social media sites — especially Twitter — using it to pump his message directly to his now nearly 83 million followers, and to dodge the scrutiny of mainstream media.

He has long been criticized for promoting conspiracy theories, lies, and racist tropes on Twitter as he did with a video with a person saying “white power!” before removing it hours later.

But now, with Twitter cracking down on some of his content for being misleading or encouraging violence his campaign team is considering several other platforms, even working on one of their own, to let trump say what he will. Unquestioned, unimpeded.

John Matze is the co-founder of Parler. He told Fox Business, “The idea that there is not political censorship.”

And right now, Parler is getting the most buzz from conservatives who love it and progressives who say the app is biased against them.

Even with a co-founder promising an electronic town square for all. Matze said, “… without the idea that there is somebody looking over your shoulder and saying ‘is that a politically correct view or not?’ or ‘Is that the one you’re supposed to have?”

Facebook is also starting to label content it deems controversial.

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