Curry County announces approval for Phase 1 reopening

CURRY COUNTY, Ore. – Late Wednesday night Curry County Sheriff John Ward announced the Governor’s approval on Curry County’s application for Phase 1 reopening from the coronavirus shutdown.

In a letter sent from Oregon Governor Kate Brown to Curry County Commissioners the Governor lays out her goals for a “safe and strong Oregon.” These include:

  1. Minimize hospitalizations and deaths;
  2. Allow people to return to work so they can support themselves and their families;
  3. Minimize risk to frontline workers;
  4. Avoid overwhelming the health care system;
  5. Protect those at highest risk of severe illness, especially the elderly, those with underlying health conditions, and communities of color; and
  6. Support social/cultural/spiritual reopening for small groups that preserve community cohesion and cultural practices.

Phase One reopening comes with several guidelines aimed at preventing the COVID-19 virus from spreading unchecked through communities. The Governor warns that reopening comes with it’s own risks. She states that the Oregon Health Authority will be monitoring the spread of the virus in Curry County.

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