Day 1 of Country Crossings in the books

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. – Day one of the 2018 Country Crossings Music Festival officially wrapped up Thursday.

From Tyler Rich and Brett Young to Cole Swindell, it was a hot first day at the festival as thousands filed into the Expo in Central Point.

Festival goers were met with triple-digit heat, though many say they’re taking the proper precautions.

Smoke from wildfires in the area is concerning some people, but festival organizers set up a mobile hospital for anyone who has asthma or breathing issues.

Country music fans are thrilled a festival of this size is in southern Oregon. However, parking is always a challenge at large events, and event organizers say to be ready. The festival runs from July 26 through July 29 and is expected to draw a large crowd—just as it did the year before. Because of its size, special plans were made focusing on traffic management.

Jackson County Roads along with Jackson County Parks is asking both citizens and festival attendees to take note of the following plans:

  • I-5 Exit 33 – expect heavy congestion and do not use this exit to attend the event or to drop-off/pick-up concert attendees. All I-5 event traffic is instructed to use Exit 30 or 35. Even regular local traffic may want to find alternative routes during peak times to avoid heavy pedestrian traffic.
  • For public safety, Peninger Road will be closed to through traffic from the Family Fun Center to Upton Road at all times. Additionally, Peninger Road will be FULLY CLOSED from Pine Street to Upton Road from 7:00 p.m. until the venue is closed each night.
  • Upton Road will be one-way from 10th Street to Wilson Road to help ensure the safety of expected pedestrians in the area of the temporary campgrounds.
  • No parking/tow-away zones will be established in many areas and along several roads for safety purposes. Law enforcement will patrol these areas and will impound vehicles found in violation. Primary NO PARKING areas include
    • Upton Road between 10th Street and Wilson Road
    • Old Upton Road, Raymond Way, Boes Avenue and Teresa Way
    • Wilson Road between Upton Road and Gebhard Road
    • Gebhard Road
    • Beebe Road
    • Hamrick Road between Beebe and Pine Street
    • Pine Street between Hamrick and 10th Street
    • Many portions of 10th Street and 3rd Street in Central Point
  • Except for VIP and Handicap parking, there is NO parking available at the Expo grounds. Do NOT drive to the Expo expecting to find a parking space.
  • The Bear Creek Greenway Trail will be closed to through traffic and bicycle travel from Pine Street to Upton Road. Pedestrian use of this trail segment is for event attendees only and security checkpoints will be in place.
  • The Southern Oregon RV Park Day-Use Areas will be closed during the event.
  • All day-use fishing areas around the Expo will be closed during the event.
  • Watch for pedestrians—this event will cause increased pedestrian traffic in the immediate vicinity of the Expo including areas in Central Point and other surrounding roadways. Use extreme caution when driving and PLEASE SLOW DOWN.
  • Obey all traffic control personnel including flaggers and law enforcement personnel who are directing traffic.

Additional information, including venue maps, can be found at the Festival website (

For any specific questions, contact Jackson County Roads at 541-774-8184.

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