Fireworks stands open in Oregon

CENTRAL POINT, Ore— Tuesday marks the first-day fireworks stands can open across Oregon.

Eddie Sims, the tent manager of the Central Point Discounted Fireworks Superstore, has been selling fireworks for 22 years. He says setting up this year has been a little different compared to years past.

“We’ve tried to make the aisles wide so people have room to move around… tried to keep the doors, at least three entries open and keep the flaps open so we have a lot of fresh air,” Sims said.

The changes are in an effort to keep people safe as the Coronavirus pandemic continues.

“We’re trying to be as safe as we can but still function, I think that’s what everyone is trying to do.”

He says for the first time, they are offering a curbside pick up option. He says people can buy a $50 bundle, $100 bundle, and $200 bundle.

“If somebody doesn’t want to come in, they can call us and drive up in the back and we’ll bring it out to them and they don’t even have to come in the tent.”

The biggest thing he’s asking people this year is to come and shop early. Sims says almost every year people wait to buy fireworks until the 3rd and the fourth of July. If that happens, he would have to limit the number of people inside the tent.

“We’re asking people this year please come in early. If you’re going to buy, come in early.”

One thing does remain the same this year. Fire officials are still worried about wildfires starting due to fireworks.

“Were concerned about vegetation fires, grass fires, and things like that,” Medford Fire Deputy Chief, Greg Kleinberg, said.

Kleinberg says despite getting rain during the month of June, people need to take extra precautions this year.

“We don’t want to see anybody get injured or anybody lose their home because of firework usage.”

Fireworks stand will be open until July 6th. Hours vary depending on location.

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