Grasshoppers infest lower Klamath area

MEDFORD, Ore. – A high number of grasshoppers are infesting the lower Klamath area.

Some are even calling it a ‘grasshopper plague.’

The Klamath Water Users association have been receiving reports of lost crops.

And the organization said grasshoppers are to blame.

Roads and farmland are covered in these grasshoppers.

The KWUA told us that the dry, hot conditions are ideal for generations of grasshoppers to be born.

As the natural vegetation dries out, the grasshoppers move onto farmlands.

The KWUA said farmers have lost wheat, potatoes, lettuce, and more.

And the best way to stop it, is what farmers need most this time of year: water.

KWUA’s Moss Driscoll said “the primary treatment measure in this instance would be re-flooding our refuges. If that was done, there would be no source of eggs next year to produce these grasshoppers that are now plaguing us.”

The KWUA is hoping that the government can allocate water to these infested areas.

If you find yourself on these roads, you’re advised to drive slowly and be prepared to stop to clean your windshield.

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