Medford & Jackson County preparing for snow on roads

MEDFORD, Ore. – With colder temperatures on the way, road safety is on the city of Medford’s mind.

And now it has three snowplows to help do just that.

Last year (2023) was the first year Medford had snowplows.

Before, the city would mainly rely on sanders to maintain icy roads.

If conditions were too snowy, they would rely on the county to help plow the roads.

But with snow falling throughout the Rogue Valley over the weekend, the city says it wants to stay prepared.

Medford’s Public Works director, John Vial said,

“We have sand, we have our snowplows, we have the crews working the schedules we need them to do. So, we’re ready for a storm should it come, we will respond and give it our best effort. What we would ask is that drivers do the same; if you’re not comfortable driving, what we’d suggest is just delay your trip awhile.”

Vial says that the main plowed roads will be arterial and collectors’ roads, like McAndrews and Barnett Road.

And for other surrounding roads, Jackson County Roads and Parks, says that they will be maintaining and collaborating with cities and the state, to keep conditions safe enough for travel.

Jackson County Roads and Parks’ Steve Lambert said,

“We’re primarily focused on our end, on maintaining roads that are in our county roads system. That said, if things get really bad and a storm turns out worse than one expected, we cooperate very well in the community and all three entities would have all hands-on deck to make sure the public can get to where they need to go.”

Lambert says that the county has 21 snowplows ready in the case of a storm.

You’re advised to check in on road conditions before traveling.


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