West Nile Virus detection in East Medford

MEDFORD, Ore. – West Nile Virus has been discovered for the first time this year in Jackson County, this week.

Jackson County Vector Control District said the infected mosquito was found in East Medford.

We asked Vector Control if it could be more specific about the location.

The agency declined to share any more details.

West Nile Virus is mainly spread through infected mosquitoes.

When infected, a majority of people are asymptomatic.

Those that do react are met with muscle aches, headaches, rashes and in some extreme cases, it can be fatal.

While there is no treatment, it can be prevented.

Penn State University Epidemiology professor, Jason Rasgon said “so really, the only way to protect yourself is to avoid being bit by mosquitoes that carry it. So, when you’re outside, wear mosquito repellent, [make sure] you don’t have exposed skin, avoid areas where mosquitoes are actively biting… But there is no treatment.”

Those who are most at risk are the elderly and immunocompromised.

If you find yourself in areas where detections have occurred, you can also try to avoid being outside at dawn or dusk, when mosquitos are most active.

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