Mexican police, migrants clash at border shelter

PIEDRAS NEGRAS, Mexico (NBC) – A confrontation between migrants and Mexican police near the Texas border turned ugly Wednesday.

It happened at a shelter in Mexico just across the Rio Grande from Eagle Pass, Texas.

Migrants tried to break through security barriers placed by Mexican authorities.

They were trying to leave the shelter where they had been for more than a week after arriving at the border.

Some migrants were demanding to leave, saying they had nothing to eat for a day and wanted to roam freely.

The situation turned dangerous.

Objects were thrown, and tents were knocked down.

There was no immediate word on injuries or arrests.

Mexican officials said recently that 1,800 migrants were being held in a shelter there under “humanitarian conditions.”

But migrants at the shelter indicated they were being held against their will.

U-S Border Patrol agents have pulled migrant families from the Rio Grande this week as they tried to cross over to Eagle Pass, southwest of San Antonio.

President Trump has said any migrants seeking asylum will have to wait in Mexico until their claims can be heard.

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