North Korea may be backing down on Guam threats

Pyonyang, North Korea (NBCNC) – Cooler rhetoric from North Korea – but the tension is certainly not gone.

On Tuesday, the Trump Administration said what happens next depends on how North Korea behaves.

With a new show of military strength from the U.S. and Japan, the allies flexed their muscles right next to North Korea – which appears to be softening its tough talk.

After threats of firing missiles at Guam state media reporting the plan now is to wait and see what the foolish Yankees do.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said, “We continue to be interested in finding a way to get to dialogue – but that’s up to him.”

State-run media released new pictures show  Kim Jong Un reportedly studying a new attack strategy on Guam, suggesting the stare-down may not be over yet.

North Korea is still demanding the U.S. cancel planned military drills with South Korea , something the U.S. will not even consider.

“BUT compared to where we were five days ago – this is a good development,” said Retired admiral James Stavridis, former Supreme Allied Commander at NATO.

The cooling rhetoric comes after this stern warning Monday from Defense Secretary James Mattis:

“If they fire at the United States it could escalate into war very quickly – yes that’s called war. If they do that then it’s game on.”

The Secretary used more measured words Tuesday, saying “We stand ready to defend our nation.”

One solution could lean on China to reign in North Korea.

But the U.S.-CHINA relationship is under strain after the president launched an investigation into Chinese trade practices.

China lashed out at that U.S. investigation, but gave no hint that it will affect their efforts when it comes to North Korea.

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