ODFW: wolves kill steer in Klamath County

Remote camera photo of a wolf roaming the same area as OR7, now a member of the Rogue Pack. This is the first evidence that OR7 has found another wolf in the Oregon Cascades. Photo courtesy of USFWS.

KLAMATH COUNTY, Ore. – Wolves with the Rogue Pack are being blamed for killing a steer in Klamath County.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said on the morning of June 2, a rancher found a dead 730-pound yearling steer on a private pasture. Some of the muscle tissue appeared to have been consumed by a predator.

An investigation revealed the carcass had numerous bite marks and tissue trauma that were consistent with a wolf attack.

Based on the evidence, ODFW determined the depredation can be attributed wolves of the Rogue Pack.

The pack, which roams between eastern Jackson and western Klamath Counties, has been blamed for two other depredations this past March.

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