Over 50,000 illegal marijuana plants found in Klamath County

BONANZA, Ore. – Over 50,000 illegal marijuana plants were found and destroyed by Klamath County police.

The City of Klamath Falls said on September 14, numerous law enforcement agencies teamed up to search what was reported to be a hemp growing operation near Philpott Lane in Bonanza.

Instead of hemp, officers said they found an “enormous” unlicensed, unpermitted illegal marijuana grow.

Investigators said the site covered over 300 acres with over 130 greenhouses “stuffed” full of mature marijuana plants. A total of about 51,480 illegal marijuana plants at the property were destroyed along with the greenhouses.

According to police, the operation was watered by a new uninspected well which likely pumped thousands of gallons of water a day. The unlawful use of groundwater is being investigated.

“Klamath County has an increasing problem with large scale illegal marijuana grows,” Klamath County officials said. “The illegal marijuana grow-related increase in water theft and illegal use of groundwater during these extreme drought years continues to be a community concern.”

Several people are facing the possibility of criminal charges in connection with the grow.

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