Patsy Smullin Interviews Cynthia Mish Part 2

KOBI-TV/KOTI-TV Owner and President Patsy Smullin recently sat down with a longtime friend, Ashland artist Cynthia Mish for an exclusive interview. This is part two of that interview.

Patsy Smullin: So you had a pretty incredible husband… and you’ve got kids; Michael, Dan, and Kathy.

Cynthia Mish: And they’re all incredible in what they do. And they’re all happy in what they’re doing. So there you go. If you got kids, and they do what they want, and they leave you alone, you’ve got it made. Why do you think I’m so happy.

Smullin: You were your own person at age five, when you’d already decided do you want to do art, and I don’t think that’s what you were being told to do. Because back then it were a nurse or you were a teacher.

Mish: You bet. I was born in the 20s, and that was going up in the 30s.In the 40s. I went to school, high school in World War Two. When I went in and started when I came out, it ended. And it was, it was an interesting time. That’s when women got into workforce. And they liked it. They didn’t want to leave it even when the war ended. I think it worked. I had no problem. Things really changed for the better after World War Two. But let’s not do it again.

If you missed part one of this interview, it’s available here. You can hear more from Cynthia Mish on NBC5 News at 6pm on Wednesday, December 27.

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