Portland train stabbing suspect’s rant caught on camera

Portland, Ore. (KOIN/CNN Newsource) – We’re learning more about the man accused of yelling anti-Muslim slurs at a teenage girl, then fatally attacking two men trying to defend her.

New cell phone video shows the suspect going on a rant the night before the attacks.

Cell phone video shows Jeremy Christian on the MAX taken the night before the deadly attack.

Christian: “Oh it looks like we have a Christian or Muslim (bleep) bus driver, I’ll stab you too (bleep), move forward, move forward MAX driver (bleep).”

The woman who recorded the video says she was on the MAX heading to Gresham when Christian got on the train at the rose quarter.

She said, “He was on his cell phone, he was pretty upset, squinting his eyes, venting to his friend on the phone about some girl that just pepper sprayed him.”

Portland Police confirmed to KOIN 6 News there was some sort of altercation even before he got on the train.

A viewer sent KOIN 6 audio from TriMet dispatch.

You can hear how operators are aware of Christian on the train.

Audio: “The female pepper maces the male passenger and the male passenger hit the female passenger with a coke bottle in the face.”

Other recordings show the driver was aware of Christian throughout the ride.

The passenger, who goes by “KK”, says she started recording shortly before he got off his cell phone.

Then, he started talking to himself.

KK said, “Just complaining about the city, complaining about just Muslims, Christians, it just got very violent, very quick.”

And at one point starting make threats.

Christian: “I’m about to stab some (bleep), call the police I dare you.”

“By the time we were at gateway he was talking about wanting to stab somebody, gestured to pull something out of his pocket,” recalled KK.

Soon after, the train stopped and Christian left the train.

No arrests were made.

A troubling thought for this woman, knowing now, what would happen next.

She said, “Had somebody got up and confronted him for what he was saying I don’t know if he would have reacted or not. i was assuming so from the way he was talking, he wanted a reaction.”

It’s unclear if authorities have talked to the person involved in the altercation with Christian Thursday night.

Christian is being held on charges of aggravated murder, attempted murder and related counts.

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