RCC announces budget shortfall, possible layoffs

Medford, Ore. – Rogue Community College has announced they’re raising tuition, reducing staff and making program changes due to a budget shortfall.

According to the school, RCC is facing a “significant” reduction in state funding that amounts to $5.2 million in RCC’s next biennium.

To address the budget, RCC is taking the following steps:

  • The college will be increasing tuition by $5 per credit hour starting in summer of 2017.
  • Approximately 20 positions will be restructured and/or reorganized. Some employees may be subject to layoffs, others will be offered alternative positions.
  • Courses and programs will be re-evaluated and possibly modified to reduce costs–this could include eliminating some courses.
  • The college will use its Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) contingency fund to help bridge the shortfall.
  • Positions left vacant by retiring employees will be evaluated and rehired where essential.

The school also plans to utilize education materials–including books–that are public domain or created by instructors. Officials expect this could greatly reduce costs.

Students say the raise, isn’t ideal.

“I’m not too happy about the price hike, tuition is expensive already.” said one student, Mary Pillman.

“I don’t work, I choose to take loans out and go to school full time, it would be hard for me.” said another student, Curtis Ziegler.

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