Mattress disposal / recycling costs under review in Klamath County

Klamath Falls, Ore. – A group in Klamath Falls wants to expand a mattress recycling program, but there are some concerns it may come at too high of a cost.

Tom Crist of Klamath County Solid Waste says there are more mattresses dropped off at the Klamath County Landfill than you’d think.

“It’s not unusual to get four boxes in a day, forty mattresses in a box.”  Notes Crist.  “160 a day is not an unusual practice.”

Klamath Works wants to expand a mattress recycling program at ‘REACH, Incorporated’.

“And it would not only recycle mattresses, but it would help put people to work.”  Says Klamath County Commissioner Donnie Boyd.

But, Boyd points out that recycling program comes at a cost.  “To recycle a mattress actually costs more than the worth of the materials that they recycle.”

The landfill currently charges $4.50 to dispose of a mattress.

Expanding the recycling program could triple that cost.

“Klamath Works, they were wanting eight to ten dollars more to cover their proposal.”  Crist estimated, adding there are concerns that sharp of an increase could come at an even higher cost.  “People might quit bringing them.”

Boyd agrees.  “We don’t want more mattresses just to end up out in the forest somewhere.”

Klamath County Commissioners haven’t made a decision yet on the rate increase request.

Most mattresses from the Klamath County Landfill are now taken to Eagle Point, and disposed of at the Dry Creek Landfill.

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