Sex offender sweep results in 32 arrests, Jackson County Sherrif’s Office says

JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. – Over a dozen sex offenders in Jackson County were arrested in the past couple of weeks.

The sheriff’s office said “Operation Copperhead” was a two-week non-compliant sex offender sweep that ended with 32 arrests in the Jackson County area. It also resulted in the registration of 34 out-of-compliance sex offenders.

In total, 75 compliance checks were made and six active warrants were cleared.

“A major goal of these operations is to lower the risk non-compliant sex offenders pose to public safety,” the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said. “Sex offenders are required to report their current address, place of employment or school status, any change in name or residence, and any intended travel outside the U.S. They must also participate in a sex offender risk assessment and submit to fingerprinting and photos of their face, and identifying scars, marks, or tattoos. Compliance checks involve law enforcement contacting sex offenders or conducting research to confirm addresses.”

The sweep was funded with help of the U.S. Marshal Service.

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